Materials 製造物料
Smooth leather
The leather we use is super thick yet supple. Natural leather stands out through its unique surface structure and its naturally occurring varying color scheme. We do not use any artificial dyes to cover up these genuine differences but leave them the way nature intended. Thus the leather retains its pores.
Embossed leather
Birkenstock's embossed leather has a particulary expressive character. Natural colour tones and a bark-like surface structure convey exclusiveness and quality.
Suede leather
Only about half of a large hide can be used for our suede uppers. The usable piece is an extra strong and thick leather yet extremely supple and durable. As with our other leathers the naturally occuring differences in surface structure are unavoidable and are a welcome proof that only genuine leather is used.
Plant-tanned leather
Tanning leather using bark mulch lends leather a particulary noble appearance. This process employing plant extracts creates a variety of colour accents. The leather receives a very expressive and intensive sheen, both in colour as well as brillance.
Pure wool
As with all other materials employed by Birkenstock, the selection of the wools we use is of highest quality. Pure wool naturally possesses highly functional properties, is proven in all weather and protects against a variety of environmental influences. In cold weather, pure wool keeps feet warm, in warm weather the effect is that of comfortable coolness.
Nubuck leather
Birkenstock nubuck leather originates from choice grades of the best European cattle. Nubuck leather is a full grain leather whose natural charasteristics are enhanced by buffing the top layer. This lends a particulary velvety finish to the leather.
This new material has a leather-like surface structure. A seperate finishing process during Birko-flor production refines this material to resemble our nubuck leather. Birko-flor Nubuck not only looks like genuine leather, it feels like it, too.
Birko-flor is a skin friendly and extraordinarily tear resistant material. The easy-care surface has a leather-like look. A soft fleece is incorporated into the second layer which is supple yet sturdy. Birko-flor is our progressive yet inexpensive alternative to leather.
Birko-felt consists of a woolpulp mixture and particularly durable synthetics fibre felt, which renders this material virtually indestructible.
This extraordinary material offers an especially functional and comfortable wearing sensation. The microfibre in use for our Birkenstock sandals is a high quality material with a nubuck leather-like look. In addition to this exclusive look microfibre is very light-weight and durable, easy to clean and colourfast. Because of its breathing properties microfibre offers a very skin-friendly wearing comfort.

光亮皮 (Smooth Leather)

  人造皮革 (Birko-Flor)
勃肯 Nubuck 真皮
  壓花皮革 (Embossed Leather)
小山羊皮(翻毛皮)(Suede leather)
  微細纖維 (Microfibre)